little moth

A post on Moth Design [here] got me thinking a blog about design for little people would be fun. The names Moth Design and Little Moth have been bumping around in my head for years. You can imagine my delight when I've now given breath to both, if not in store format... at least in word. I do sincerely hope you enjoy and come back often. It's you, my blog darlings, that make it worth while. xoxo e


  1. How fun! I love the idea of a design blog with children in mind. I'm following for sure!

  2. You are seriously talented and amazing, but please let me in on your secret... where do you find the time, Super Woman Erica!!

  3. What a lovely idea! And I echo La Dolfina's observation...Super Woman!

  4. ...that's so great! I wish you luck, and hope you will find the time to make Little Moth just as great as your Moth design page!!!!!

    Northern Light

  5. Love it! Im definitely following :)


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