hello, oilo!

Oilo. Seriously stylish nursery goods... does it get any better?? xo

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  1. This is great - I would honestly probably use some of those pillows in other rooms as well. I love that the glider doesn't look like a glider - and I adore those pendants. I'll be keeping this source in mind for when the kiddies come along someday!

  2. Beautiful and what a great idea for a blog! I love the title! Good luck with it and I will be following your progress!

  3. darling! I love the wall decoration and the lamp is to die for!

  4. That's a stylish and trendy nursery! Being a mother of two little ones, I love your new blog topic!

  5. Love this site as much as your others. This room is so cool .. if only I wasn't so into red when my boys were born I could have used this as a reference for what to do. (-:


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